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Sink and Faucet / Accessories Setting Guide

SUPPORTS ON OVERHANG If you have an overhang larger than ten (10) inches, you will be advised to obtain corbels. Furnishing and installing corbels or additional supports are your obligation. An unsupported span of 36" is acceptable if you have support on both sides. INSTALLATION We suggest removing everything from your base cabinets before our arrival. You will find that most of the detailed work has already been done in the shop; however, it may be necessary to do some cutting on site. Do not expect to keep your cut-outs; they will be rough sides, usually breaking during the cutting process. We do our best to minimize the mess involved, but please remember that granite countertop installation is part of remodeling and can be a messy process. SINKS, FAUCETS, AND ACCESSORIES You must purchase sinks and accessories that fit within the inside dimensions of your cabinet box. We will "loose set" your self-rimming sink and have it ready for your plumber to mount it and attach any clips, hardware, and plumbing. Self-rimming sinks are always cut on the job, in the house, with the top in place to avoid breakage. When your plumber is done, it is his responsibility to clean and caulk your self-rimming sink. Under-mount sinks are mounted under the granite and ready for your plumber to attach the plumbing. Our installer will run a bead of silicone on the rim of the under-mount sink to make it water-tight and caulk sink. Holes will be drilled if necessary for your faucets, soap dispenser, sprayer, and reverse osmosis system. Please know the location for these items before the installation day. FARM SINK A farm sink, or an apron front sink, sits on a support structure below the cabinets. The face of the sink is exposed, and the top of the sink is generally level with the top of the cabinets. PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL You will need to have a plumber come out and disconnect your sinks, disposals, and faucets before we can remove your old tops and install your new granite countertops. If we are doing a full splash, we will have to remove the faceplates and pull the electrical outlet from the wall. If it is necessary to have any outlets moved, you will be informed, and you must have them relocated before your installation. We do not disconnect the cooktops, and at times, it may be necessary to pull the freestanding ovens away from the wall. We do not reinstall any plumbing, electricity, or appliances. Although some customers opt to hook up and reconnect everything when we are done, we suggest you call a licensed plumber or electrician for your connections. We will need to take any under-mount sinks back to the shop when we template. We require you to have your under-mount sink at template time; otherwise, it will delay your installation date. We do not need self-rimming sinks in the shop, but you must have them on-site when we do your installation. Because damage may occur with the removal of your sink, we do not recommend that you use your old sink with the installation of new countertops. If damage does occur, Reinhardt Brothers cannot be held responsible. COOKTOPS AND RANGES Cut-in type cooktops will be set loose in the countertop, ready for your appliance installer to mount and hook up. The cut-out for your cooktop is done after the new tops are installed. This creates a little dust but prevents unnecessary breakage. Please be careful when purchasing a new cooktop, making sure that it fits in the space allowed by your cabinet box. Slide-in ranges will be checked for fit and left, ready to hook up and install. SLIDE-IN Stove A slide-in stove is a stove that also slides into an opening between two cabinets and usually lips the countertop on both sides. This stove, however, usually has dials located on the front faceplate of the stove and does not have the back riser like a freestanding. When using this type of stove, we will need to know if you require a granite strip to run behind the stove. Some models come with a strip, and others do not. Be sure to read your instruction manual to verify that a granite strip is compatible with your stove. The granite strip is usually about 2" by 30" and is seamed to the stone on either side of your stove. SEAMS When we place the layout material for your project, the location of the seams, the grain direction, or patterns is considered. If you are present for a template layout, we do our best to ensure that your job is cut as you requested; however, there are occurrences beyond our control that will require that we use our professional experience. We can assure you that we do the best job in the industry in keeping seams to a minimum. When you have a seam, it is filled with polyester material, colored to match the stone as close as possible. Our fabricators and installers are trained to minimize seams; however, we strive to make them as transparent as possible. CAULKING Under-mount sinks and backsplashes are caulked after installation. Depending on the stone, the caulk can be colored or clear. Caulk can sometimes shrink up. If this occurs, we will be happy to re-caulk the areas. If this happens, call our customer service at 310-325-0174, and we will schedule a repair as soon as possible. SEALING Your new tops are sealed after being installed. We use only the highest quality impregnating sealers. These will give you years of trouble-free usage. In the future, if you feel resealing is necessary, we will be happy to advise you where to obtain and how to apply additional sealer. We can also reseal the tops for you for a small charge. Never use any other type of sealer on your tops. **CAUTION** REPAIRS AND NATURAL FISSURES: Fissures and pits are prevalent in all-natural stone; however, they usually pose no structural anomalies. Whenever possible, we try to avoid large fissures by cutting around them. If it is necessary to reinforce a fissure, it is customary to fill with resin filler and/or reinforced with steel rods on the backside. Fissures are often visible and can appear to look like "spider veins or cracks." If they appear in your countertops, we try to minimize their appearance, and after they are filled with resin, they are structurally stronger than the granite itself. If fissures, pits, or natural stone characteristics are viewed as defects, you may want to choose granite with less or consider a different countertop material. We hope that this has answered some of your questions about your natural stone installation. Please call us if you have any questions. We wish you many years of enjoyment with your new stone. Remodeling Considerations: REMOVING YOUR STONE TILE OR LAMINATE COUNTERTOPS: Every precaution will be taken to limit the mess, drywall, and cabinetry damage that may be involved with removing your countertops, but unfortunately, most demolition will create some dust and dirt. Repairs by another party may be necessary. If we remove your old countertops, we suggest removing everything from the base cabinets. Some customers opt to remove the countertops themselves, but you should only consider this if you are 100% sure you can complete the job yourself. The customer must tear out the existing tile backsplash before the template appointment. Contracts After material selection, unique project details will be finalized (e.g., edge detail, cut-outs, custom finishes, etc.), and a contract will be created. Disclaimer Purchaser acknowledges that Natural stones vary in color, pattern, and texture. The actual stone delivered may differ from the sample shown. The purchaser acknowledges that other stones ordered later can be more costly and cannot be guaranteed to match the original stone. All countertops will be seamed or joined as the slab size allows. The fabricator is solely responsible for seam placement in countertops and backsplashes. Fewer seams may require more material and expense. Some materials are porous in nature and, while highly resistant to staining and scratching, can be subject to both. The fabricator makes no warranties implied or expressed as to stain resistance or imperviousness of the products to scratching. All slab countertops will be polished on one side and sealed before installation. Normal wear and tear for intended purposes will not cause scratches or staining. Granite can only be scratched by other gemstones. NOTE: Industrial environments are not considered "intended" applications and would not be covered under this warranty unless expressly addressed in writing in a separate warranty document. The purchaser acknowledges that the fabricator is supplying "surfacing" material only and releases the fabricator and installer from all liability for cracking or damage due to settling the subsurface and/or improper construction. Countertops must be installed on sturdy level cabinets with a 1/8 inch per 10-foot spam tolerance. The fabricator will not be responsible for re-fabricating a top due to other people damaging the material. Most damage to stone occurs during transportation and installation or by other trades who stand or work on the surface. A 12-inch overhang is the maximum unsupported overhang allowed for two or 3-centimeter granite. Additional support is required for overhangs greater than 12" and must be supported brackets or corbels. An unsupported span of 36" is acceptable if you have support on both sides. Minor chipping of the material can occur during installation but is repairable on site. In the event chipping occurs, the extent of chipping and the re-fabrication of any one piece is the sole discretion of the fabricator. This warranty is limited to normal wear and tear and does not cover damages resulting from misuse, abuse, prolonged exposure to liquid or oil, neglect, mishandling, unauthorized modification, structural failure, or damage that is considered an Act of God.

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